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"Throughout my communication with Liz, I found her extremely knowledgeable in terms of doula practices. She provided so much information as well as moral support especially during the later stage of my pregnancy and the immediate postpartum period. I highly recommend her as a doula because when Liz commits to somebody she does it completely." ~ Daria, Newington, CT


"When we first started working with Liz, I had just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Liz immediately provided reassurance, encouragement, and resources. She was always checking in and always there when I needed support. I was very nervous when we needed to schedule an induction instead of waiting for labor to begin naturally. Liz made sure we understood what might happen and also helped us make sure we asked important questions of our healthcare providers. When the day of the induction came around Liz was there all day providing encouragement and support as well as techniques for comfort and to encourage the baby to make her appearance. After the baby was born Liz had a great way of providing support but also letting us have time as a family. We are so grateful to have had Liz as our doula, providing support throughout the whole process!" ~ Amanda, Manchester, CT

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“Having been familiar with reiki treatments, I was pleased to receive reiki from Liz on a weekly basis. This was definitely a path to healing my specific pain. Liz allowed me to get in touch with my healing energy.” ~ Tina T.


“I always enjoy my reiki sessions with Liz. She not only has the ability to channel good energy flow, she is very intuitive and has a wonderfully calming presence. In a word, she is gifted.” ~ Jan M, Burlington, CT

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"I have struggled with the challenges of Chronic Lyme Disease for almost 15 years. Throughout my journey, I have seen some wonderful practitioners who have offered me lots of great advice on how to improve my health. Questions like: "What are you eating? How often do you eat? What's your appetite like?" came up fairly often. My answers were almost always the same. "I don't really prepare any good meals for myself because I don't have the energy to. I try to eat when I feel hungry, but find myself skipping and sleeping through meals. My appetite is poor." I've eaten many meals in bed. A lot of them consisted of applesauce and toast. Until recently, the "food conversation" and talk about digestion and elimination ended at my replies. Generally, I was sent out the door with new medications or supplements and occasionally, there was talk about an elimination diet to see if I had any food sensitivities. It wasn't until I had my first ayurvedic sessions with Liz that I fully comprehended that food is medicine and if our bodies are not digesting and eliminating properly, then our food cannot act as medicine and neither can any other modalities like supplements. Liz asked the same questions that the other practitioners did, but that was just the beginning, not the end! She helped me create daily habits to improve my digestion, go to the bathroom regularly and create and cook simple meals with foods that are healing and helpful to my unique body. She shared that how, where and with whom I eat my meals is just as important as what I eat. For the first time in a long time I feel successful in improving my health because Liz works with me to help me set attainable goals that turn into good habits. My mind and body are getting stronger and stronger. For the first time ever, I get excited about cooking and can eat a meal without feeling sick after. I highly recommend a session with Liz. She will help you learn to respect yourself in a way that is healthy, sustainable and feels good!" ~ Sarah R, Bristol, CT

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Gratitude Ghee

"Tasting Liz's rich, homemade ghee was my first experience of the kind. There's nothing quite like it and I quickly fell in love with its healing digestive properties and started using it in my every day cooking and baking. My digestion has improved immensely and I attribute that to the medicinal amount of ghee I eat daily. One day, I made the mistake of trying some store bought ghee after I had run out of Gratitude Ghee. Ick! The quality and taste wasn't even comparable! To this day, I make sure I always have Liz's ghee on my counter. Liz's beautifully packaged jar of ghee makes a wonderful gift for the "foodie" and health-conscious friend or family member in your life." ~ Sarah R, Bristol, CT

"As a cook, I am constantly seeking healthy, local and sustainable products to create my culinary art. I've discovered Gratitude Ghee and have not looked back. I've found it sustainable and superior to butter in every way - flavor, baking, sauteing, and as a non-stick. What I like about ghee is that it just "feels" local and fresh. I've tried store-bought ghee but no brand was adequate to the quality of Gratitude Ghee. For a beginner cook or veteran chef, I wholeheartedly recommend Gratitude Ghee." ~ Brian B.


"My husband and I have used Liz's Gratitude Ghee in so many different recipes.I recently made a simple recipe of panko encrusted chicken breasts and sauteed them in ghee. My husband Fred and I are so happy to have a healthier cooking oil available. Fred is a butter man, but more and more I find him reaching for the ghee instead of butter. I plan to purchase more and also give some to friends and family as gifts. I just know they will love it too!"~ Joanne T, Bristol, CT

"Gratitude Ghee is transcendent. It possesses the properties of healing, rejuvenation, and unctuousness. I have used it internally for cleansing and rebuilding as well as externally for skin, eyes and nose. In addition, it serves as a great base for many herbal remedies acting as the host delivery system for ghritas of all types." ~ Gerard Buffo, MD

"I love the fact that I can use ghee in place of butter in all my favorite recipes and applications and not feel guilty because it provides health properties absent from butter. Gratitude Ghee is great too because its creator, Elizabeth Radl, is passionate about its production and puts great care and attention into every batch. It feels great putting something made so lovingly into recipes that I also put my own love and intention into." ~ Melissa, Coventry, CT

“I wasn't familiar with ghee until I started using Gratitude Ghee. It is delicious, nutritious and made with the utmost care and the best ingredients. With my recent discovery of the product, I share it with all of my friends. They all want to know what this product is that tastes so amazing!" ~ Mandy, San Francisco, CA

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